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Your life is precious. Free yourself from day-to-day worries, stress, or depression. Start living the life you deserve with our FDA-approved TMS Therapy System.
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As a mental health center, Genesis Behavioral Health is the industry-leading provider of TMS therapy in San Antonio, Texas - with a wide range of modalities and an emphasis on multi-disciplinary care options. We offer comprehensive mental health care that combines the science of psychiatry with human compassion to heal your body, mind, and spirit. We listen to you, our patient, to earn confidence and trust. We are dedicated to your mental health and well-being to get you well, quickly, and effectively, the best way possible.

Our primary mission is to show the love of God by providing you with great mental health care. God shows his love in many ways, and especially through healing and hope. In our work, we show his love best by being excellent and loving in the care that we give.

Starting the road to healing is tough, but you’ve made the right choice. We know your mental health and wellness treatment program is complex and unique to you as an individual. We strive hard to find solutions that work best for you. Those solutions may not always include medication. If medication is needed, it is prescribed with the utmost care and consideration for you – based on your individual needs.

What should you expect as a patient?

Respect, Trust, Compassion, Faith, Hope, Personalized Wellness Plans
TMS Therapy
TMS Therapy
Have you tried numerous medications but none of them seem to improve your depression? Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) therapy might be your next step toward healing. Our mental health professionals are intimately familiar with TMS therapy and are ready to answer your questions. Reach out to our office today or take a look at our TMS services page to learn more.
Our Holistic Approach
Our Holistic Approach
At Genesis, we believe your mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing all work together to create wellness. That’s why we treat you as a “whole person” and develop an individualized, comprehensive mental health treatment plan for you. Our holistic approach allows us to treat your needs at the source and work toward overall healing.
Expert Care With an At-Home Feel
Expert Care With an At-Home Feel
We have the expertise, equipment, and environment to help you along the road to healing. We strive to create a warm, welcoming treatment space for all our patients while using our knowledge to address their needs with the utmost care and the most up to date research. We also offer TMS therapy to those who are eligible using state of the art equipment.

Complimentary eBook: The Benefits of TMS Therapy

Genesis Behavioral Health explains Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS Therapy) and how it could aid you in your fight against depression.

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