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The Best Behavioral & Mental Health Support in San Antonio

About Us

Showing God's love through great mental health care

Dr. Ted Williams chose the name “Genesis” because it means “new birth” or “new beginning,” and we believe healing is its own kind of new birth. Our approach to healing is holistic and should take biology, psychology, social, and spiritual aspects into account as well.

Genesis Behavioral Health, is a leading provider of mental health services in the San Antonio and Boerne areas. Our mission is to show God’s love for people by providing them great mental health care. 

Dr. Ted Williams
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Our vision is to make great mental health care accessible to everyone.


Our mission is to show God’s love for people by providing them great mental health care.

Our Value

Experience Exceptional Care and a Built in Support System

Let us provide you with the mental health care you deserve.

Whether you’re experiencing depression and are interested in our TMS Therapy or you’re looking for individual or group counseling, we’re here to help with a caring, holistic approach.

Meet Our Team

Making lives better through healing and hope

Genesis is a comprehensive team located in the same office in San Antonio, Texas. We offer counseling, TMS therapy, psychiatric evaluation, and a wide range of mental health treatments and modalities to help you make the most of your care and stay close to home.

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Nyssa Ruiz


Medication Management

Dedicated professionals providing personalized and comprehensive care to optimize mental health treatment through effective medication management.

Suzanne Perakathu

Lead Advanced Practice Practitioner

Peter Torcivia

P-MH Nurse Practitioner

Savannah Stroman

Physician Assistant

Laura Bredvad

P-MH Nurse Practitioner

Ariel Campa

Physician Assistant

Dr. Andrew Nam

Resident Physician

Shaylene Vance

P-MH Nurse Practitioner


Compassionate and experienced therapists offering empathetic support and evidence-based interventions to guide individuals on their journey towards mental well-being.

Cindy Todd

Clinical Director and TMS Therapist

Briana Rodriguez

LPC and TMS Therapist

Cat Lovell

LPC Associate and TMS Therapist


Julie Estrada

LPC Therapist

Sarah Smith

LPC Therapist

Graduate Counseling Students

Eager and driven future mental health professionals, passionately learning and growing under supervision to provide compassionate and effective counseling services.

Gabriela Franco

Graduate Counseling Intern

Maggie Evans

Graduate Counseling Intern

Willie Ray

Graduate Counseling Intern

Rebecca Foley

Graduate Counseling Intern

Austin Elguea

Graduate Counseling Intern

Halley Powell

Graduate Counseling Intern

TMS Care Team

Specialized experts utilizing cutting-edge Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) technology to provide innovative and personalized treatment options for individuals seeking relief from depression and related conditions.

Zoya Abebefe

TMS Treater

Cody Bingheim

TMS Treater

Cara Horton

TMS Treater


Efficient and dedicated professionals ensuring smooth operations and exceptional support for a seamless experience at Genesis Behavioral Health.

Facility Manager: Leana

Bookkeeping: Annalyse

Practice Leader: Briana B

Lead Patient Care Coordinator: Eva

Patient Care Coordinators: Annette, Danna, Chloe

TMS Care Coordinator: Jaynel

Lead Patient Advocate: Landry

Patient Advocates: Jordan, Zoya, Brenden

Medical Assistant: Valerie G.

Billing Supervisor: Steven

Billing/Insurance Specialists: Cody, Victor, Madison, Christy, Estrella

Medical Records & Information Specialist: Cara

Genesis Admin Team

Our Services

Personalized Mental Health Care

We offer a wide range of evidence-based therapies, including individual counseling, group therapy, TMS therapy, and medication management.


We provide psychiatric evaluation and treatment services for adults, children, and seniors struggling with mental health issues, with a focus on personalized and collaborative care.

TMS Therapy

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) therapy as an effective treatment for depression, even in cases where other treatments have failed. We can help provide an individualized TMS treatment plan for you.
Counseling Session


We offer accessible and tailored counseling services for individuals, couples, families, and children in San Antonio, with a client-focused approach to help clients flourish on their mental wellness journey.

Group Therapy

Join the Wild5 Support Group and connect with others who want to see holistic change in their wellness too. Our group consists of discussing the 5 components of wellness, which are Exercise, Sleep, Nutrition, Mindfulness, and Social Connectedness.

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Our team is here to give you the support you need. If you’re ready to begin the road toward healing, reach out to our office to hear how we can help. 

Counseling Two Women

Find out if this non-invasive treatment is right for your depression.