Janet is a 32-year-old middle school teacher living in San Antonio, Texas. She grew up in a very poor area of east Texas with a single mom and two younger siblings. Janet went to Texas A&M University-San Antonio and decided to stay in San Antonio to teach after graduation.

When Janet was a junior in college, she was assaulted on campus by a man she knew from her friend group. When Janet told her friends what had happened to her, she received a mixed response of questions and sympathy. Janet never spoke to the police about the incident and found it too difficult to open up to anyone she was close to regarding what had happened.

Within the last few years, Janet has begun unraveling her feelings and memories about the incident and other experiences. She decided recently that it would be more effective to work through these complicated feelings with a mental health professional, so she started with a therapist, who recommended TMS therapy.

Between the counseling and TMS therapy she is receiving, Janet is in a much better place emotionally. Her feelings of self-worth have dramatically improved and she can cope much better when old memories come to the surface.  TMS therapy was the solution that she was hoping it would be.