TMS Referrals

TMS Referrals

Margaret is a 40-year-old stay-at-home mom and caregiver living in a suburb of Austin, Texas. Margaret’s son, Michael, started showing signs of mental illness the summer before he entered high school. Margaret noticed he seemed to be tired often and wasn’t engaging in the activities he used to love like basketball and hanging out with his friends.

When Michael’s mood didn’t seem to improve over time, she took him to her family doctor for a check-up. Her doctor suggested that Margaret find Michael a therapist if his condition did not improve. Since then, she has taken Michael to therapy appointments every other week. Her family doctor prescribed him Fluoxetine, the only anti-depressant approved for minors, but Michael experienced side effects of anxiety and upset stomach, so after speaking with their doctor, he stopped the medication.

Margaret began researching depression treatments that don’t involve medication and learned about TMS. Her husband’s medical coverage included TMS therapy, which they were very grateful for.

After Michael’s TMS treatments, Margaret can see measurable improvements in his mood, school focus, and interactions with family and friends.  He recently tried out and made the varsity rugby team, which is something he’s always loved to do.