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Receive Quality Counseling in San Antonio with Genesis Behavioral Health

With more than 22,000 counselors in the state of Texas, finding the right therapist that suits your needs can be overwhelming and difficult. At Genesis Behavioral Health, we make counseling both accessible and simple through our team of mental health counselors.

Why Genesis Behavioral Health?

Because we know that the road to mental wellness is difficult, we always strive to maintain a client-focused approach. We know that different diagnoses require different approaches. As we get to know you, we create a tailored plan to help you flourish on your mental wellness journey. 

From in-person services to telehealth, Genesis Behavioral Health has a therapist in San Antonio that fits your needs.

San Antonio Counseling & Mental Health Services

Knowing the various mental health needs in our community, we offer a variety of counseling services:

Counseling Two Women

Whatever your therapy needs, Genesis Behavioral Health has the perfect mental health counselor to propel our mission of showing the love of God through healing people with great mental health care.

  • Individual Therapy – traditional 1-1 meeting with a counselor to treat specific diagnoses and work towards meeting necessary goals.
  • Couples Therapy / Counseling – helping couples uncover healthy methods for conflict resolution and practice communication skills to develop a healthier relationship.
  • Marriage Counseling – work with a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) to identify specific marital issues and increase healthy communication.
  • Family Therapy / Counseling – work with an LMFT to address issues within the family dynamic and assist with difficult family transitions.
  • Child Therapy – counselors who specialize in children to help them express and communicate their thoughts and feelings.
  • Christian Counseling – implementing faith and psychotherapy at the discretion of the client for clients to grow in mental and spiritual health.
  • Grief Counseling – guiding clients through stages of grief to move toward the next stage of life and healing.
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Struggling with Treatment Resistant Depression?

If medication and psychotherapy have not helped your depression, see if you qualify for TMS, a non-invasive solution for depression. 

Partner With The Right Therapist at Genesis Behavioral Health

No matter where you find yourself in your mental health journey, it is never too late to start. Genesis Behavioral Health is ready to walk alongside you on the road to healing. Our integrated approach, in combination with our excellent services, will provide you with the support you need to flourish.

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