Getting Started with TMS

For any questions or concerns about the process of TMS or to get started with TMS therapy, call us at (210) 404-9696 or contact intake!

  1. You will be scheduled for an hour-long TMS consult with a medical provider.
  2. Prior to your consultation, you will receive a review of your insurance benefits.
  3. Complete all necessary paperwork prior to your consultation. 
  4. Once approved by Dr. Williams or your medical provider, the TMS billing team will start the process of insurance authorization. 
  5. The insurance process to obtain authorization usually takes 1-2 weeks but we are committed to getting approval as quickly as possible.
  6. The TMS coordinator will call you with any updates.
  7. As soon as your insurance approves the TMS request, and determines copayment, we schedule the first treatment!

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With treatment and counseling, many people suffering from depression are able to improve their quality of life and learn skills to cope.