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San Antonio Psychiatrists

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As mental health continues to become a growing topic, science shows the importance between our mind, body, and spirit connection. Currently, one in five adults lives with a mental illness. Unfortunately, many mental health issues can remain untreated due to the lack of nearby resources, causing further emotional and physical damage. Psychiatry is a known practice to aid with mental health issues and can help us reconnect all aspects of our lives. Focused on diagnosing and treating mental and emotional disorders, our psychiatrists at Genesis Behavioral Health can get you to complete mental health.

When to Get a Psychiatrist

Sudden life changes can impact us in various ways. For example, life changes as a result of COVID-19 have magnified the need for mental support in recent years. Rather than handling it alone, reaching out for help is the first step toward mental health. It’s best to see a psychiatrist if you struggle with debilitating mental health symptoms such as:

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Our Psychiatric Services

The earlier you can get in to see a psychiatrist, the better! At Genesis Behavioral Health, we welcome you with open arms and collaborate with you to determine the best treatment plan. We offer the following psychiatric services:

Child Psychiatry

Our Child Psychiatry services are designed to support children, adolescents, and families facing mental health challenges. From diagnosis to treatment, our psychiatrists work closely with the child to develop a comprehensive therapy plan that addresses any hinderances to mental wellness.

Adolescent Psychiatry

Our Adolescent Psychiatry is tailored to the unique needs of young individuals. Our team of experienced psychiatrists and therapists provide comprehensive evaluations, diagnosis, and treatment plans to address a wide range of psychiatric disorders commonly seen in adolescents.

Adult Psychiatry

Our Adult Psychiatry services provide a wide range of treatments to support individuals with mental health concerns. We develop personalized treatment plans that address each individuals needs, including medication management, psychotherapy, counseling and other beneficial therapies.

Struggling with Treatment Resistant Depression?

If medication and psychotherapy have not helped your depression, see if you qualify for TMS, a non-invasive solution for depression. 

San Antonio Psychiatric Evaluation, Diagnosis and Treatment

As a hub for comprehensive mental health support, our diagnoses and treatments start and end with you. In our client-focused approach, we listen to your needs and symptoms to develop the proper diagnosis. Then, if needed, we may run tests to aid the diagnosis process further.

Along with therapy, the treatment may or may not include medication. Since psychiatrists are physicians, they not only diagnose illnesses but can also prescribe medicine, and other medical treatments. However, we know that all medicines impact people differently! Therefore, if medication is needed, we aim to provide the fewest medications with the lowest effective dosages. As the treatment process progresses, we will evaluate your progress and, in doing so, create a plan to help you move toward mental health.

Over time, your treatment plan may change, and that’s okay! Through continuous conversation, we will assess and modify your plan to ensure that you receive the best care possible on your journey. With our ride range of personalized treatments, you are guaranteed to find something that works for your desired outcomes for success.

Find the Right San Antonio Psychiatrist For You at Genesis Behavioral Health

Finding a psychiatrist can be complicated and overwhelming.

When choosing the right psychiatrist, you want someone who can provide you with the necessary help for your mental health. At Genesis Behavioral Health, we aim to make the process as collaborative as possible. Our experts aim to be your partner, special advisor, and supporter in returning to total mental health. Partner with us today as we strive to progress our mission of showing the love of God in San Antonio by providing the best mental health care.

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Our team is here to give you the support you need. If you’re ready to begin the road toward healing, reach out to our office to hear how we can help. 

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