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TMS Therapy: An Effective Alternative Treatment for Depression

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What is TMS?

TMS Patient

Patient Stories

Medication treatments for depression are leaving you with:

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We Guide you through treatment to come out living again on the other side

Genesis Behavioral Health’s new science of depression uses cutting edge technology with a holistic approach, not just another medication.

Technology and Therapy

Coupling technology and the benefits of talk-therapy increases depression remission success rates in our patients to 50% vs. the standard 30%. Genesis’ distinctive TMS approach to treating depression involves a collaborative strategy leveraging the expertise of leading mental health care providers on each individual case… because you matter that much.

Holistic Approach

We see each patient as an individual and treat them accordingly. There is never a “one size fits all” treatment. TMS patients are highly encouraged to join a weekly TMS support group that recommends implementing a healthy lifestyle through nutrition and exercise to increase the effectiveness of their TMS treatment.

Genesis' Physical Location

Our office was created to feel like an extension of your home. With every greeting from admin to provider we step in as a patient’s support system, especially when the rest of their support has fallen away.

We get it. Overcoming your depression feels hopeless and we’re here to help.

Our TMS therapy in San Antonio is the only treatment where we prescribe simultaneous talk therapy, nutrition, exercise, and participation in a TMS support group. This combination exponentially increases the effectiveness of the overall treatment. 

TMS Therapy Session
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We’ve helped hundreds of patients just like you send their depression into remission

Watch how TMS depression treatment radically changed the lives of our patients. 

When choosing the right psychiatrist, you want someone who can provide you with the necessary help for your mental health. At Genesis Behavioral Health, we aim to make the process as collaborative as possible. Our experts aim to be your partner, special advisor, and supporter in returning to total mental health. Partner with us today as we strive to progress our mission of showing the love of God in San Antonio by providing the best mental health care.

Here's how our process works:

Genesis Behavioral Health’s new science of depression uses cutting edge technology with a holistic approach, not just another medication.

TMS Process

How does TMS Treat Your depression?

The following video is Dr. Ted Williams explanation of what TMS is and how it works. TMS Therapy is an FDA – approved treatment that uses short pulses of magnetic energy to stimulate the area of the brain that is connected to depression. The stimulation results in changes that improve the function of brain networks and provide relief of symptoms.

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TMS Also Treats Other Conditions:

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What is TMS treatment like?

Patients are awake and able to drive to and from treatments that are done in the office. Below are the various options available for TMS treatment. Please contact our office for more information. 

Traditional TMS Treatment

Accelerated TMS Treatment

TMS Therapy Session


What Our Patients Say

 Each of our TMS patients enter treatment with cautious optimism and leave with renewed hope! Here’s what they had to say after treatment: 

“TMS was life saving! I am no longer that sad lady feeling powerless. I have found my voice and validation. This has been the path to reengaging myself into life. Thank you.”

Connie, TMS Patient

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Do you have additional questions you’d like answered regarding TMS? Please send us a message and one of our members from the TMS Care Team will be in touch shortly. 

Find out if this non-invasive treatment is right for your depression.