Refer a Patient to TMS

Refer a patient to TMS

Genesis Behavioral Health’s new science of depression uses cutting edge technology with a holistic approach, not just another medication.

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What is TMS treatment like?

Patients are awake and able to drive to and from treatments that are done in the office. The typical course of treatment is about 50 minutes daily, 5 days a week, over 6-7 weeks.

WHat is TMS?

TMS also Treats other Conditions:


Meet the Genesis TMS Team

It is important to know your care will be in the hands of multiple members of our TMS Care Team. From the moment you contact our office to attending each of your appointments, there are specific individuals we have assigned to walk you through each step or your treatment.

Edmund P. “Ted” Williams, IV

Founder, MD

Lilly Sanchez-Tokunaga

TMS Coordinator and Therapist

Diane Frank

TMS Admin. Assistant

Loren Werland

TMS Billing Specialist

Cindy Todd

LMFT and TMS Therapist

Monica Delgado

LPC and TMS Therapist

Ashley Moise

LPC and TMS Therapist

Briana Rodriguez

LPC-A and TMS Therapist

Jordan Walker

Therapy Student and TMS Treater

Zoya Abebefe

Therapy Student and TMS Treater

Tammy Barnard Ruiz

TMS Treater

Cody Bingheim

TMS Treater

What Our Patients Say

 Each of our TMS patients enter treatment with cautious optimism and leave with renewed hope! Here’s what they had to say after treatment: 

TMS can give you the opportunity to reclaim your life. If you are willing to put in the work, the possibilities are endless. Have no fear and look forward to the FUTURE.
TMS Patient
TMS has given me the opportunity to reclaim my life. This treatment has truly been life changing. TMS can be the difference in who you are and who you want to be.
TMS Patient
TMS was life saving!
I am no longer that sad lady feeling powerless. I have found my voice and validation. This has been the path to reengaging myself into life. Thank you.
TMS Patient

Get In Touch With Us

Do you have additional questions you’d like answered regarding TMS? Please send us a message and one of our members from the TMS Care Team will be in touch shortly.