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The COVID-19 pandemic will affect the mental health and wellbeing of our world, nation and communities well beyond the immediacy of the initial crisis.

As the number of cases of COVID-19 increases, so does the associated anxiety. For the general public, the mental health effects of COVID-19 are as essential to address as are the physical health effects. To aid individuals and communities during this time, Mental Health America has compiled a range of resources and information. The following is a link to their Wellness and Coping Skills page – with articles on maintaining hope in the face of uncertainty and being kind to your mind!

Another tool we love, is this weekly mental health check-in.

Wellness at Genesis

Wild 5 has maintained a strong virtual group! Wild 5 focuses on 5 components of wellness including: Exercise, Sleep, Mindfulness, Nutrition, and Social Connectedness. Social Connectedness in a time of social distancing can be tough, but we want to remind you that it is an incremental part of your wellness and health overall. So why not get creative with how we are connecting with others?

Below is a link to an article that shares creative ways to stay connected with friends and family.

Feel free to join us any week to start your wellness journey! We meet together as a group on Thursdays from 5:00-6:00pm. For more information about how to join our virtual group, please email intake@genesis….

“Nurturing yourself is not selfish, it’s essential to your survival and well-being.” -Renee Peterson Trudeau


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